What's Hot in Tech - Issue 15

Yahoo Weather app comes to iPad

 Yahoo! Weather app for iPad

Yahoo! Weather app for iPad

There are a myriad of weather apps available for your smartphone or tablet, and a lot of beautiful weather apps at that (Solar, Blue, Haze, to name a few). My weather app of choice is Yahoo! Weather for its elegance, loads of digestible information, and ability to customize the layout – which allows me to prioritize the information important to me. Yahoo! Weather has been available for Android phones and iPhone and is now built for iPad.

The app provides a quick snap shot of current conditions, a 24-hour hourly forecast, 5- and 10-day forecasts, future precipitation levels, sunrise and sunset, wind and pressure, and a radar map. The animations for showing wind speed and the sun's arc entertain me each time I open the app – and on iPad the illustrations are more elaborate. Since Yahoo owns Flickr, the photo-sharing website, the Weather app pulls in Flickr photos to match the conditions and location of the forecast you’re looking at.

News discovery app, Prismatic, redesigns its app for iPhone and iPad

 Prismatic app for iPhone

Prismatic app for iPhone

Prismatic is one of my new favorite apps for consuming the latest and most popular content being shared on Twitter and Facebook. The app lets users decide to follow particular categories (finance, technology, crafts, NFL) and people. From there, the app presents the most popular content being shared within your chosen categories or by the people you follow. With Prismatic’s redesign, the app has a completely new look and incorporates a social layer with comments, sharing, an activity feed, and user profiles. 

Explore Instagram from the comforts – and larger screen – of your iPad  

Flow app demo

Instagram has yet to adapt their app for the larger screen of the iPad, understandably opting to focus on devices with better, more mobile cameras (iPhone, Android phones, and recently Windows phones). As a result, many companies have tried their hand at providing iPad apps for users to explore, like, and comment on photos on Instagram from the comfort of their larger tablet screens.

The latest entry in this space is Flow, which displays photos in a beautiful grid and is full of little nuances including long-pressing on images to reveal details of the user who took the photo, or tapping an image to enlarge and open a gallery-type display for swiping through photos one at a time. Similar iPad apps for Instagram can cost a few dollars (which is justified, in my opinion), but Flow is a free app and does not contain any advertisements to make up for the fact.

Enjoy these apps while you relax this holiday season, especially if you find yourself unwrapping a new iPad tomorrow morning!

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