What's Hot in Tech - May 15

Twitter rolls out #music service

Twitter released their own take on music with a service available on Apple's operating system (iOS) and in web browsers. The service analyzes tweets across its network to determine popular music, up-and-coming artists, and recommended artists based on artists you follow. It's a great tool for discovering new music and it can integrate your existing Spotify or Rdio account to listen to full-length tracks, otherwise you're limited to iTunes previews.

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Yahoo! presents beautiful weather

Yahoo's new Weather app is beautiful and feature-rich, providing easy access to weather data including hi, lo, and current temperatures; hourly forecast; 5-day forecast; details on today's forecast; chance of precipitation over the next 12 hours; and even the phase of the sun and moon. Despite sounding like information overload, it's broken down and delivered through lovely graphics making the app a real pleasure to use.

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Yahoo! + Summly = digestible news

Yahoo recently acquired Summly, an app focused on delivering nuts-and-bolts summaries of top news stories. That same technology is now integrated into Yahoo's own app along with engaging photography, a great way to brush up on current events before that cocktail party. Read what Yahoo has to say about the app for iOS and Android.

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LinkedIn aims to organize your contacts

Most of us have contacts scattered across email accounts, LinkedIn, our phones, and more. Many companies have tried to solve this issue by uniting all data in one application, yet new companies hop into this space each day. LinkedIn has a fighting chance in that they're a large company, but you also already have a large set of contacts on file with them so you're not introducing a new service into your life. You can also opt to receive reminders to congratulate connections on birthdays, job changes, and more. 

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Google Now comes to iOS to keep you informed

Last year Google introduced us to Google Now, their personal assistant service to rival Apple's Siri. Until recently, Google Now was only available on Android phones but it has now come to iOS devices through Google's Search app. Google Now gives you quick access to current weather, upcoming appointments, travel directions, and a lot lot more. You can learn more about Google Now.

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Dots - a simple mobile game you can't put down

Betaworks, a tech startup that "builds companies", put together a colorful, very well-designed game for iOS. If you enjoy Connect Four or Dots and Boxes, you'll enjoy this game as it borrows concepts from the two. Subway rides are sure to fly by from now on. 

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