Never Stop Seeking Inspiration

 Las Vegas - running west, away from The Strip /  @cfohlin

Las Vegas - running west, away from The Strip / @cfohlin

You never know where you'll find inspiration, sometimes it bubbles up at the strangest hour or in the oddest location. Or both.

I'm in Las Vegas this week for SXSW's brand new event, Vision to Ventures (SXSW V2V). Since arriving here I've been swimming upstream, hitting the pillow when most are headed to The Strip and hitting the pavement for a morning run when most are returning from a long night out. These twilight adventures through pockets of neighborhoods and long stretches of freeway are where I've done a lot of thinking on this trip. It's surprising what a sunrise on your back and the glow of the mountains in the distance can do for you, even if you're in a place where people may think you're crazy for hitting the streets instead of the slots.

I'll be sure to get my fix of the authentic Vegas experience, but it never hurts to create your own unique experiences to find the untapped value within the norm. It's these moments that spur creativity, inject energy, and foster success.

Chris Fohlin