What's Hot in Tech - Issue 17

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Storehouse is an exquisite storytelling tool for your tablet

 Storehouse app for iPad 

Storehouse app for iPad 

Storehouse is a beautiful new app for iPad focused on “visual storytelling." The app lets users create and share stories by assembling photos, videos, and pieces of text into custom, collage-like layouts. The creation process is dead simple, allowing users to resize and crop photos, adjust the layout however they like, and insert text throughout to complete a narrative. Photos and video can be pulled from your iPad's photos or existing accounts on Dropbox, Flickr, and Instagram. Sharing collections of photos, rather than single moments, that form a story is an emerging trend with similar services like Exposure. I wouldn’t be surprised to see other apps like Instagram try to join the mix as we evolve from moments to narratives.

60% of US mobile phone users own a smartphone – up from 52% last year
— NPD Group

Twitter redesigns its website to match mobile apps

 New Twitter website design for desktop 

New Twitter website design for desktop 

Twitter has redesigned their website and the rollout of the new look is underway. The social network's refreshed look features a bright-white navigation bar and large blue fonts to better reflect the look of its smartphone apps for iOS and Android.

We may soon be using Google to find and book our next flight

Google is rumored to be launching a new airfare comparison site this March, a service that would improve upon the search giant's existing flight tool. The new service would compete with the likes of Kayak, Expedia, and others.

Glow app helps women track their cycles, potential for pregnancy  

 Glow app for iOS 

Glow app for iOS 

Glow, originally a smartphone app for women looking to conceive, has widened its target audience to include all women. The app logs period cycles, symptoms, and shows which days have high risk (or potential) for pregnancy. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

69% of US adults read a print book in 2013; 28% read an e-book
— Pew Research Center

Tumblr adds user mention feature, a la Twitter 

Tumblr has released a new mention feature, allowing users to tag one another in posts similar to @mentions on Twitter. When authoring a post on Tumblr, users can enter another user’s @username which will be converted into a link to the mentioned user’s Tumblr. The mentioned user will be notified in their dashboard, helping drive traffic between users’ blogs.


  • Facebook will be launching a suite of standalone mobile apps in 2014 starting with a news reader app called “Paper”, similar to Flipboard
  • iPhones with larger screens (4.5” and 5”+) will launch in the second half of 2014 featuring metal casings similar to the current iPhone 5 and 5S models 
iPhones now account for 42% of the smartphone market; Samsung devices own 26%
— NPD Group

Quick Hits

  • Facebook launched a “trending” section on their homepage sidebar to display popular topics being discussed on Facebook, personalized based on your own interests 
  • Pinterest has improved the experience of finding recipes on its platform by adding a filter that includes vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, pale, and indulge me (for those forbidden treats)  

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